May 2013: TiT Doctoral Colloquium

The German-Arab research project “Tunisia in Transition” supports young academics from both countries in their professional development. One element consists in providing a platform for PhD students to discuss their work among peers and senior scholars. The first “TiT Doctoral Colloquium” for members of the research group took place in May 2013 at the University of Manouba.

The session featured three presentations by Tunisian PhD students. They outlined the research design of their respective dissertations, including the methodical approach, elaborated the “state of affairs” of their doctoral working agenda and discussed open questions. First, Selma Besbes (FSPST) presented her work on the role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the international normative process. Inter alia, she argues that NGOs are part of an emerging postmodern legal paradigm that calls for a re-think of the general theory of law. Another PhD candidate in law, Abderrahmane Yaaloui (FSPST), discussed his research on the relation between constitutional jurisdiction and public opinion. To demonstrate the multiple interactions between both, he draws on a wide range of examples from different countries. Finally, Amine Boughanmi (INTES) introduced his PhD project on social security and risks, pointing to the challenges for the state to reform its social security systems.

With Bernhard Stahl (University of Passau) and Reinhardt Rummel (University of Munich) two professors from the German partner universities took part in the doctoral colloquium, which was moderated by Edmund Ratka (University of Passau). They provided feedback on the PhD students’ presentations and shared research experience and advice with the young academics. In addition, the present PhD students also commented on their peers’ research, contributing to a lively academic discussion.

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