Article on European policies towards Tunisia since the Arab Spring

Our project members Laura-Theresa Krüger and Edmund Ratka jointly published an article about the perception of European policies in Tunisia after the Arab Spring. In their article, based on interviews with civil society activists in Tunis, they investigate

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 whether Tunisians perceive a change in Euro-Tunisian relations and how effective and unified the presumably ‘new’ policy is in Tunisian eyes. While a perception of change clearly dominates, Europe is not seen as speaking with one voice. Yet, as the authors conclude, the intensified activism of several EU member states can still increase European actorness as a whole.
The article was published under the title “A new response to a changing neighbourhood?” The Perception of European Policies in Tunisia after the Arab Spring in L’Europe en formation, n° 371, 1/2014, pp. 9-25.

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