Tunisia in Transition: Authors’ Workshop in Passau

The two sub-groups of the Research Group “Tunisia in Transition” held a workshop in Passau in order to prepare for their upcoming publications.The Research Fellows used this meeting opportunity to exchange views on their draft articles. The atmosphere was passionate and the quality of debate was very high, mirroring the ambitions of a generation driving the ongoing transformative processes in Tunisia.
During four days (November 6 – November 10, 2014), six different panels structured the debates. Tunisian and German Research Fellows presented their results in intensive discussion sessions where enthusiasm was visible. Despite the strict time limits for debates and presentations, the workshop proved a success.

On Friday, November 7, the Research Group held a public panel discussion on the Tunisian Transition, which was introduced by a provocative keynote of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stahl referring to the Changing World Order and the omnipresent question of religion. The following debate – with contributions by Dr. Edmund Ratka (KAS) and Dr. Ramzi Ben Amara (University of Sousse) was fruitful and triggered a passionate discussion between the panelists and the Tunisian-German audience.

The academic and cultural exchanges which took place during the workshop have strengthened the team, providing a solid ground for the upcoming publications (Media and Religion in Tunisia & the New International Relations of Tunisia). Updates on these publications will follow.