Final Call for Contributions 2015

The main aim in this final year of the project will be to complete a book on Tunisia and international politics. As this will be the first publication of its kind and in the field, we are aiming to achieve a high academic level, as we hope that it will find attention not only in Tunisia, but also in the English-speaking scientific community in Europe and hopefully beyond. As we are still seeking chapters and particular topics, we have included a final call for contributions, which you can find below. We would like to ask everyone who would like to contribute to the book (those who have already written a paper as well as those who would still like to join the project) to please send us an abstract before February 1st, 2015. The instructions can be found in the call. If you have already written a paper, we would need an abstract from you, summarizing your work, so that we know that you are still interested in being a part of the project this year. Everyone who submits an abstract and wishes to continue being a fellow this year, will then be invited to take part in two workshops in the next few months.

Call for Contributions 2015