Emna Chihi

Emna ChihiEmna Chihi, born in July 1988, is a young academic Tunisian researcher and aspires to be a PhD candidate in the near future. She holds a master degree in International Relations from The High Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis (ISSHT). Emna Chihi acquired deep knowledge in the field of Euro-med relations in the eve of Arab Spring through her experience within the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Department in the College of Europe Bruges. During the academic year 2013/2014 she launched her professional career as a contractual teaching assistant at the Institute of Work and Social Studies (INTES). In 2014, Emna Chihi has joined the Tunisian in transition: International relations research group and she is currently working on a paper entitled “ENP – A challenging normative policy for a comprehensive Southern democracy.” Emna Chihi has always been passionate of academic research and writing since her early university studies; in 2010, her essay was selected by the public affairs section at the US embassy Tunis in the contest entitled “Diversity and the American experience” as the best student essay.

Email: emna.chihi@coleurope.eu