Mustapha Bouarrouj

Mustapha BouarroujMustapha Bouarrouj was a TiT Fellow in 2014. He holds a Baccalaureate and Bachelor Degrees with a compensation. He graduated in a Translation Studies Master’s and has a dissertation pending on translation and interculturalism focused on the translation tasks as well as research activities within TiT. In the meantime, Mustapha is a freelance experienced interpreter who has a proficient command of three languages and worked with reputable bodies and institutions: United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of HRD, MediaDiversity institute, IREX USA, ministries and embassies, the New Arab Debates, etc. He also has experience as a translator/interpreter with international figures like Tim Sebastian, Tarik Ramadhan, Hamma Hammami, the Minister of Higher Education and The Palestinian ambassador in Tunis and others. Mustapha’s volunteer experience includes, but is not restricted to, teaching English, volunteer translation and interpreting for international humanitarian activist NGOs like Babels.