Elena Dück

7 : 10 QuerformatElena Dück is currently pursuing her PhD in the field of International Relations. Her focus is on the development of a social constructivist model of learning in foreign policies. She works as research assistant at the University of Passau and is managing the Master Program “Intercultural Management”, a joined program of the Turkish-German University in Istanbul and the University Passau. Ms Dück completed a bachelor’s degree in Passau, spent a semester abroad at the University Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, and holds an M.A. of Intercultural and Business Studies from the University of Passau. Her further research interests are French and German foreign policy reactions to the development in the Arab World and Canadian foreign policy. Her non-academic work experience includes interning at the German Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua.

Email: elena.dueck@uni-passau.de