Working Paper on US democracy promotion in Tunisia

Our group member and coordinator Tasnim Abderrahim has published a Working Paper entitled “American Democracy Promotion in Transitioning Tunisia: A Recipient-Centered Approach”. Tasnim investigates how Tunisian NGO activists that work with funding by the United States perceive and evaluate the latter. To this end, she conducted several interviews with civil society representatives in Tunis. To […]



Research Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations”: Kick-off workshop

Over the past weekend, the research Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” has had a successful first workshop with Mr. Wolfgang Karlstetter on methodology in social science. After an encompassing overview of scientific reasoning and different social science methods, all the fellows had the opportunity to discuss their individual research questions, designs and methodology […]

Research Cluster “Ethnographies of Transition” – Next Workshop: “Multi-sited Ethnography, Anthropology by Appointment and Sensory Anthropology: Qualitative Methods of Data Collection”

Having re-visited in our first workshop the instruments of „Research Design“ (February 13th-14th) with Dr. Mathieu Rousselin, our next workshop on “Multi-sited Ethnography, Anthropology by Appointment and Sensory Anthropology: Qualitative Methods of Data Collection” explores both classical and contemporary approaches in anthropological methodology. Our external guest will be Dr. Julia Bayer (LMU), who has a […]

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Final Call for Contributions 2015

The main aim in this final year of the project will be to complete a book on Tunisia and international politics. As this will be the first publication of its kind and in the field, we are aiming to achieve a high academic level, as we hope that it will find attention not only in […]

Tunisia in Transition: Authors’ Workshop in Passau

The two sub-groups of the Research Group “Tunisia in Transition” held a workshop in Passau in order to prepare for their upcoming publications.The Research Fellows used this meeting opportunity to exchange views on their draft articles. The atmosphere was passionate and the quality of debate was very high, mirroring the ambitions of a generation driving […]


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Article on European policies towards Tunisia since the Arab Spring

Our project members Laura-Theresa Krüger and Edmund Ratka jointly published an article about the perception of European policies in Tunisia after the Arab Spring. In their article, based on interviews with civil society activists in Tunis, they investigate  whether Tunisians perceive a change in Euro-Tunisian relations and how effective and unified the presumably ‘new’ policy is in Tunisian […]

The new Tunisia in International Relations: Upcoming Workshop

In the wake of the intended publication on “The new Tunisia in International Relations” in the first quarter of 2015, an author’s workshop will take place at University of Passau from November 6 to November 11. A group of Tunisian Research Fellows will come together in order to discuss their articles and the concept of […]

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Latest Activities in Tunisia

The Tunisia in Transition-Group held several seminars during this April, in order to strengthen the competencies of its Research Fellows. Two Didactics Seminars at La Manouba, one in English and one in German, provided interactive trainings for the participants. They were instructed by Stefanie Reinhardt from the Center for Didactics at University of Passau and […]

Article on European-Tunisian Cooperation in Culture and Education

Our project member Anis Ben Amor and Edmund Ratka jointly published an article about the challenges to the European Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy after the Arab Spring. In the Arab world, the recent developments were perceived as a final act of decolonisation and emancipation.Europe can now make a lasting contribution to the democratisation and development of the […]


New book on Germany’s Mediterranean Policy

For a long period in the past, Germany has politically rather neglected North Africa and large parts of the Southern Mediterranean. However, in the wake of the recent transformations in the Arab world, Germany is playing an increasingly independent and affirmative role as a political actor in this region. The new book of our Project Coordinater in Passau, Edmund Ratka, analyses […]