Didactics Seminar: Interactive Training

“Tunisia in Transition” (TiT) offers training in research and teaching methods for young academics. The next training in didactics will take place at the Faculté des Lettres, des Arts et des Humanités Université de la Manouba on Saturday, April 19th. This workshop addresses young academics and advanced students who are about to teach themselves at the university […]

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Interview with Edmund Ratka

The Project Coordinator of “Tunisia in Transition” – Edmund Ratka – held an interview in January 2014, where he talked about Tunisia’s new Constitution. Turning Back women’s rights is not capable of winning a majority among the Tunisian public. – Edmund Ratka The new Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and Gender equality. However, it is […]

Social Sciences in Practice – Political Consulting

Workshop on Political Counseling at the think tank Center for Applied Policy Research (C·A·P) The second day of the workshop took place in the inspiring belle-époque library of the C·A·P, a think tank at Munich University. The C·A·P proved to be the perfect setting for this part of the workshop, as the day was devoted […]

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Federalism – a model for Tunisia?

Discussion in the Bavarian Parliament with MP Horst Arnold followed by a visit at the Bavarian State Chancellery The Chair for International Politics at the University of Passau organised jointly with the Institute for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University a workshop of the German-Arab Research Group “Tunisia in Transition”. The workshop, which gathered about […]

October 2013: Methodologies Matter

Institute for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Thursday, 10 October 2013 The first session of the Tunisia in Transition Munich Workshop followed up on our first Workshop in Tunis in March 2013, which had been devoted to methodology of the social sciences. This time we turned to the methodology of a different science, namely that […]

June 2013: Academic English Course

In the framework of its capacity-building activities, the German-Tunisian research group “Tunisia in Transition”, which aims at analyzing the transformation of the Arab world and the German and European policies in the MENA-region, conducted a three-day English training course “General Academic English”. The intensive course was taught by the instructor Ms. Natalia Zemliak (Munich) and […]

June 2013: Methods Workshop in Tunis

The research group “Tunisia in Transition” strives to refine the academic skills of its members, in particular in view of its interdisciplinary approach. It has the ambition to sharpen the methodical thinking of young academics and to provide them with a tool-kit they can use for their own research. Against this background, a methods workshop […]

Methods Seminar

May 2013: TiT Doctoral Colloquium

The German-Arab research project “Tunisia in Transition” supports young academics from both countries in their professional development. One element consists in providing a platform for PhD students to discuss their work among peers and senior scholars. The first “TiT Doctoral Colloquium” for members of the research group took place in May 2013 at the University […]

May 2013: Visit of Elyes Ghariani at University of Passau

Transformation is not a Nescafé Elyes Ghariani, Ambassador of the Tunisian Republic to Germany, spoke at the University of Passau There is no turning back for Tunisia. Ever since the start of the Jasmine revolution, it has     been heading for democracy. Its path, however, will be winding and stony. It will take time for the […]


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March 2013: Methods Seminar Tunis

The newly founded German-Tunisian interdisciplinary Research Group “Tunisia in Transition” held its first seminar in Tunisia at the end of March 2013. The seminar, which took place at the University of La Manouba’s Institute of Press and Communication Sciences (IPSI), had a double objective: bringing together young scholars from different disciplines to work on the […]