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The German Chancellor's weekly video podcast on Tunisia

German Chancellor’s video podcast on Tunisia

This week, our project team “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” was contacted from Berlin and asked whether it would be available for conceiving four questions on Tunisia for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s weekly video podcast. We are happy and honoured to share the final result with you (unfortunately only available in German):

Final Project Meeting in Tunis

After we handed in our book manuscript in late June, our research group ‘Tunisia in Transition – International Relations’ met for a last project meeting in Tunis from 23 to 25 September 2016. The programme comprised a visit to and discussion at the Truth and Dignity Commission as well as a roundtable on Europe’s way […]

The research group 'Tunisia in Transition – International Relations'

Finalising the book part titles

Coordination team meets to finalise book manuscript

Last week, the coordination team of “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” met in Passau in order to discuss last issues regarding the joint book publication. We further drafted the introduction and rearranged parts of the overall book structure that we also discussed with Prof. Stahl. After this intense and fruitful meeting, we are confident […]

Joint Closing Session of the two Research Clusters

Past Saturday, the Research Group “International Relations” held a last day of intense in-group discussion on the joint publication at La Manouba University. On Sunday, the two Research Clusters “International Relations” and “Media and Islam” then held a joint closing ceremony in Tunis: In the morning, they engaged in a group discussion on migration and […]

The roundtable discussion with Salma Besbes and Samir Dilou

The Tunisia in Transition – International Relations Research Group

German-Tunisian authors’ workshop in Passau

From October 14th to 19th, the research cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” held its third workshop in Passau. To this end, the German and Tunisian research fellows gathered to engage in in-depth discussions of the different chapter drafts for the joint publication. The drafts covering diverse aspects of Tunisia’s international relations and it’s […]

Research Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations”: Second Workshop on Scientific writing

Last weekend our research cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” held its second workshop on the way to preparing our joint publication scheduled for the end of this year. We were happy to have Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stahl from the University of Passau with us who gave valuable input and advice on edited volumes […]



Research Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations”: Kick-off workshop

Over the past weekend, the research Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations” has had a successful first workshop with Mr. Wolfgang Karlstetter on methodology in social science. After an encompassing overview of scientific reasoning and different social science methods, all the fellows had the opportunity to discuss their individual research questions, designs and methodology […]

Final Call for Contributions 2015

The main aim in this final year of the project will be to complete a book on Tunisia and international politics. As this will be the first publication of its kind and in the field, we are aiming to achieve a high academic level, as we hope that it will find attention not only in […]

Call for Contributions 2015_TiT HP_Seite_1


Tunisia in Transition: Authors’ Workshop in Passau

The two sub-groups of the Research Group “Tunisia in Transition” held a workshop in Passau in order to prepare for their upcoming publications.The Research Fellows used this meeting opportunity to exchange views on their draft articles. The atmosphere was passionate and the quality of debate was very high, mirroring the ambitions of a generation driving […]