About the Project

‘Tunisia in Transition’ is a German-Tunisian research group that analyses the transformation processes in Tunisia and the Arab as well as the region’s international relations. The project ran from January 2013 to June 2016 and aimed at setting up an interdisciplinary research group of young academics coming from both shores of the Mediterranean. It provided a platform for collaborative research and offered additional academic training. ‘Tunisia in Transition’ consisted of two project units which were funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with support from the Foreign Office in the framework of the German-Tunisian Transformation Partnership:

The Chair of International Politics at the University of Passau (Prof. Stahl) administered the research cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations“, thereby also cooperating with the University’s Chair of Journalism. The project ran a research office at La Manouba University.

The research cluster “Tunisia in Transition – Ethnographies of Transition” was administered by the Institute for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Prof. Kaplony). The project ran a research office at Sousse University.

The following Tunisian partner institutions took part in the project:

  • Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University Tunis-el Manar (FDSPT)
  • Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences at the University of Carthage (FSJPST)
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of La Manouba (FLAH)
  • Institute of Press and Communication Sciences at the University of La Manouba (IPSI)
  • Institute of Work and Social Studies at the University of Carthage (INTES)

Since 2014:

  • Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Sousse
  • Faculty of the Arts and the Humanities of the University of Sousse


Annual programmes 2015

Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – International Relations”: TiT_International Relations_Annual Program 2015

Cluster “Tunisia in Transition – Ethnographies of Transition”: TiT_LMU_AnnualProgram_2015_Ethnographies of Transition
Introduction Video: “Change by Exchange”